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You are already aware of the tremendous wealth building opportunities in Real Estate Investment. Our products produce easy to read Financial Projection Statements for your evaluation or for presenting to banks, investors or clients.  It operates in MS-Excel, but No experience in Excel is necessary and no Setup is required. The entry screen is self explanatory and easy to follow.   It can perform analysis for either Income Property or for Property Flipping.  You can choose up to 12 years of analysis for Income Property or up to a 12 month analysis for Property Flipping.  Can be used on i-phones with the EXCEL App installed.
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My Book 
    This book invites you to stargaze tonight using your binoculars.  It is ideal for the beginner or experienced observer.  It features a  illustrations of easy to follow sky charts and just enough text to inform without over-whelming you.  It features objects that our ideal for binoculars, such as large star clusters.  But this book is also includes objects ideal for  telescopes of all sizes.
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s   Children's Book written by Cory $ Jennifer Dopp
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