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2024 Anthonny Lakes, Oregon

2024 Total Solar Eclipse
viewed from Mazaltan, Mexico  - More to come...  CLICK HERE
    Total Solar Eclipses     
2024 2017 2009 2001 1999 1998
Total Solar Eclipse
April 8th, 2024
Mazatlan, Mexico
Total Solar Eclipse
August 21st, 2017
Baker City Orego
Total Solar Eclipse
June 22nd, 2009
Iwo Jima Pacific
Total Solar Eclipse
June 21st, 2001June 21st, 2001 Africa 
Total Solar Eclipse
August 11th, 1999
Total Solar Eclipse
February 26th, 1998February 26th, 1998
Aruba, Caribbeann
Decmber 22, 2023 the Moon & Jupiter
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Nature Macro Imaging with a Samsung Phone - See Gallery
Milkway Imaging with Sony APSC & 11mm Lens - TO COME
Solar Eclipse with Sony APSC Camera & 350mm Lens-Lightweight combination - TO COME
Eclipse & Transits with a simple Planetary Camera setup - TO COME
Using a Sony A7C Camera is like using a Camera the size of an APSC-almost
My 14.5 inch f/3.5 "Grab & Go" Telescope-My current "Flagship" Telescope. 
This photo was taken at the 2017 Golden State Star Party.
  24 inch f/4 Ultra Light Dobsonion
  My un-intended TREND SETTING signature Telescope
  First Light June 15th, 2000, 8:25pm - Sold in March of 2009
  Design Features 
      Large Altitude BearingLarge Altitude Bearing 
      Flex Board Azimuth Bearing 
      Pyramid Shaped Spider 
      Lightweight Open Architecture  
Simple concept-make a large Aperture Telescope as light and minimalist as possible, manageble by one person and able to travel in a small vehicle with room for camping provisions.  The total weight was 105 pounds, with the heaviest piece 72 pounds, that being the Cell/Mirror combination.  The Pyramid Spider replaced the Cage structure.  Aluminum straps and corner gussits added regidity.  The Cage nests on the "Mirror Box" for travel.   The material was Baltic Birch with an epoxy coating including the Mirror Cell.  Lots of holes to reduce weight, combined with aluminum gussits and straps to add rigidity.  The trusses are made from foam filled 3/4 inch Graphite tubing and the Spider is made from Aluminum and Composite plates.   A Flex Board Azimuth with Cam Follower Bearings for the large Alt Bearing sits on a heavy hub-less Ground (Board) Base.  The Base is "hub-less" to permit Mirror clearance as the Telescope rotates to the horizon.  The Azimuth surface needed frequent cleaning to maintain smooth motion. 

Southern Sky Observing-Leonardo Cavagnaro's Website & Videos
Click Images & Videos for access

E-BOOK $19.95 Guide to Observing the Southern Sky by Leonardo Cavagnaro      Click Image 
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2023 Annular Eclipse-Medford, OR
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2004 Venus Transit-Greece
2001 Total Solar Eclipse-Africa
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1998 Total Solar Eclipse-Caribbean
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Spring Bound to lay flat, 78 page Book on Binocular Stargazing  ABOUT THE BOOK
  Book Web Price: $24.90 including shipping in the continental U.S.  
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