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Total Solar Eclipse August 21st, 2017 Baker City, Oregon USA
Profile Image of Eclipse (click image for Hi-Res)
Diamond Ring
  Me & Equipment:
60mm Takahashi Refractor Telescope,
Imaging Source/Celestron Skyris Camera,
Takahashi Teagul Equatorial Mount, 
  Best Prominence  

Phone Camera-Second Contact Diamond Ring, by Joni Phone Camera-Totality, by Joni
Imaging the Eclipse    
The Objective was to capture detail of the Inner Corona as well as Promenence detail, but still trying to capture some of the "inner" Outer Corona.  Close up imaging would give the best detail.  Using the Takahashi 60, I have a choice of 3 focal Lengths.  A Focal Reducer gave me 256mm.  A 1.04x Field Flattener gave me 372mm.  Np attachments gave me 355mm.  The decision was not easy.   I choose no attachments.  I felt it would give me enough Outer Corona and still get nice Inner Corona detail.   It is safe to default to the middle choice.

The Takahshi 60 was recently purchased for it's light weight and compact design.  It is also compatible with the existing Takahashi Teagul Mount.  This will be the Telescope used for excursions requiring Air Travel. 
The Profile image is an mage of 10 images with 10 different exposures.  They were interpolated to a higher resolution, then Smart Stacked.  The image was enhanced using the Camera Filter in Photo Shop.  A grey "overlay" was added/blended for contrast.  Then a fast exposure showing an Inner Corona detail was added and blended at 50%.  The base image was brightened, and then the two images were flattened/merged.  The combined images were then slightly enhanced with the Camera Filter in Photo Shop.  The final imaged was further enhanced in cuves, by pulling the upper line to the right slightly.  This created the desired contrast.  Experimentation was the main method before the final method was developed.

Historic Baker City, Oregon, USA 
Baker City, Oregon-Art by Terri Axness
Interpretive Center in Baker City, Oregon-Elkhorn Mountains in the background.-
Imside the Interpretive Center in Baker City, Oregon.

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Total Solar Eclipse  August 21st, 2017 Baker City, Oregon USA
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