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2024 Total Solar Eclipse
  Viewed April 8th, 2024 from
Mazatlan, Mexico
Diamond Ring in the clouds click for Hi-Res
Near Totality-approaching Second Contact - click for Hi-Res
Totality-Ghost Image  -  click for Hi-Res 
      Totality-Ghost Image is projected on the clouds. 
PDF-images / narrative
      Totality-Ghost Image is projected on the clouds. 
Totality In the clouds-Hint of Earth Shine click for Hi-Res 
Totality-Some Corona Detail emerging through the clouds - Click for Hi Res 
  Eclipse Images-Close-ups  
Mid Corona - click for Hi-Res 
Prominences-Composit Image
      Click for extreme close-up of "Spear" Prominence        
Bailey Beads-Close-up
      Click for an even closer look         
2024 Total Solar Eclipse-ECLIPSE DAY
Earthshine in the clouds-3rd Contact using Sony A7C & 300mm Telephoto at 1/4 second hand held by Joni
LEFT: Venus to the right, unusual Shadow Bands below-next to our Hotel using Samsung Phone
RIGHT: Drone imaging Eclipse/Croud? Imaged with 300mm Telephoto

Eclipse Day-LEFT Joni & I
Eclipse Day & Sunset Later that Evening
Click for more Eclipse Day scenes
  the Mazatlan Experience  
The Mazatlan NIGHT Sky-more details to come - Click for larger Image with labels
    The 2024 Mazatlan, Mexico Total Solar Eclipse    
The Mazatlan,
Mexico Experience
Yachting in
more to come
Special Thanks to Spears Travel
This Page will be up dated as time permits
More to come...
Eclipse Prep
Equipment Details
Aviation pics
More on Mazaltan

The Comming Total Solar Eclipses
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Total Solar Eclipse
April 8th, 2024
Mazatlan, Mexico
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