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  2009 Total Solar Eclipse .
Viewed August 21st, 2017, Baker City, Oregon USA

 Earthshine revealing the Moon Best Prominence
Top Images: Third Conract and Mid Corona.  The growing Diamond Ring is seen growing in the sequental images.
Total Solar Eclipse Excursion July 22nd, 2009 Asian Pacific
         The Eclipse Cruise occurred on the Cruise Ship Costa Classica near Iwo-Jima.  The Excursion put on by Astronomy Vacations & Mayhugh Travel

RVs Single Line Light Wind
Aviation Concepts My Boat Renderings Small Space
Total Solar Eclipse  July 22nd 2009  Asian Pacific Eclipse Day
Passing by Iwo Jima closing in on the The Center Line.   
On-Board the
Corsca Classica Eclipse Day.  (Left) Chuck Detloff with his portible travelling 6 inch Dobsonian.

A Cruise Ship
doing what we are doing 

Right: By Joni Babcock using a Sony "Cybershot."
Below Left: Telescope used was a TeleVue 76mm APO Refractor.  Camera was a DMK series Monochrome 1280x960 imaging onto a Lap Top Computer, shielded by a folding paper shield. The mount was a Takahashi Teegul Equatorial Mount Configured into a lighter weight Alt-azimuth since tracking is not possible on a moving ship.  The Carbon Fiber Tripod was collapsed to the lowest level for rigidity and stability.  Sorbo-thane Pads absorbed ship vibrations.  Carrying cases acted as a Computer Table and chair.
Total Solar Eclipse  July 22nd 2009  Asian Pacific Excursion
Looking like a water color painting.  Rainy evening departure of the Cruise Ship Corsaca Classica   
    Face in the Thunder Cloud on our way to the Center Line-a day before the Eclipse. 
South Korea  
Catching the Bullet Train in
Kobe, Japan
Hiroshima, Japan
Our Entertainment on our Cruise Ship in
Kobe, Japan
Great Wall
of China 

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2009 Total Solar Eclipse   July 22nd, 2009  Asian Pacific
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