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Total Solar Eclipse July 22nd, 2009 Asian Pacific
Sequence Image: Third Contact

Earthshine section outlined.

Close up of Prominence.


Sequence of Third Contact.  The Lunar Mountains creating light rays and the "Diamond Ring" effect.

Total Solar Eclipse Excursion July 22nd, 2009 Asian Pacific
Looking like a water color painting.  Rainy evening departure of the Cruise Ship Corsaca Classica

  Total Solar Eclipse  July 22nd 2009 Asian Pacific Eclipse Day  
    Top Row:
Left: Sailing passed Iwo Jima on the way to the "Center Line/Point".  Right:  Rear Port crowd.

Second Row:

Left: Another Ship doing what we were doing.

Third Row:

IAfter the Eclipse-the scene on the Deck.
By Joni Babcock using a Sony "Cybershot."

Below Left:
Telescope used was a TeleVue 76mm APO Refractor.  Camera was a DMK series Monochrome 1280x960 imaging onto a Lap Top Computer, shielded by a folding paper shield. The mount was a Takahashi Teegul Equatorial Mount Configured into a lighter weight Alt-azimuth since tracking is not possible on a moving ship.  The Carbon Fiber Tripod was collapsed to the lowest level for rigidity and stability.  Sorbo-thane Pads absorbed ship vibrations.  Carrying cases acted as a Computer Table and chair.
Below Right:
View from final setup location on the Deck.
The Eclipse Cruise occurred on the Cruise Ship Costa Classica near Iwo-Jima.  The Excursion put on by Astronomy Vacations & Mayhugh Travel.
  First Leg - Cheiu South Korea        Kagashima Japan  
Face in the Clouds while on our way to the "Center Point" of the Eclipse. 
This was one of many Sunsets.  The image seemed to wish us well. Click Image
Final Leg: Kobe, Japan    Hiroshima, Japan    The Great Wall of China
Above Left:
Mel (second from left), Joni, Greg (me).

Train arriving at Kobe, Japan Train Station prior to departure to Hiroshima.

The Hiroshima Memorial.

Entertainmet from Kobe, Japan-
Aboard the Cruise Ship
The Great Wall of China     

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