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Takahashi 60

  Exposure Guide  
  Always test your exposure with the white Light Filter in Place.  Use it as a guide for the other Exposures.  
  Chart: Courtousy of  

 Takahashi 60mm f/5.9 APO Refractor Telescope

  Image of the Telescope shows it with a 1600x1200 pixel Imaging Source/Celestron Skyris "Planetary Camera." 

This Telescope can be used for observing.  A 24mm Televue Panoptic provides 14x with a 4.9 degree field of view.   But this Telescope will probably never be used for any other purpose than imaging Lunar, Solar or Transit events.

The Takahashi Teegul Mount

This Mount has been modified to reduce it's foot print in a carrying case.  The Counterweight shaft has been removed and the counterweights have been placed on the mount's housing.

This Telescope was purchased to be the NEXT Imager.  It was used to image the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse and 2019 Mercury Transit.  It's weighs a mere two pounds, making it excellent for use on the Teagul Equatorial Mount.  It is also excellent as a traveler for future Total Solar Eclipses.  It has a standard Focal Length of 355mm.  A Focal Reducer gives this Telescope a 234mm Focal Length.  A Field Flattener increases the Focal Length to 374mm. 

A modification of the Focuser was made to make it a 2 speed. 

Images Right Shows Scale for

Lunar and/or Eclipse imaging.
Images from left to right are...

with Focal Reducer     
234mm f/3.9

without attachements  
355mm f/5.9

with Field Flattener      
374mm f/6.2
  II see a similar configuration a lot on the Internet.  So I decided to experiment with it. 

  The design of the Mount places much of the Mount's mass "below" the RA Axis, aiding in balancing without counterweights.  Thereby lightening the overall Telescope for travel.    The above shows the Tak 60 attached "permanetly" to it's mount and with the Camera in place, making the unit a single module.  It is in a lightweight "Pelican" model 1485 Case.  The Case is well within the size limits of a carry on suit case.  The configuration is ideal in the field.  The Telescope can be assembled by attaching this module to the Tripod using the Bogan Quick Connectors.  
  \Takahashi 60mm
is the
Primary Imaging

  This Telescope was used to image the:

2017 Solar Eclipse

2019 Mercury Transit
  I am experimenting with variations of the above Mount.  The Teegul allows the mount to be configured in many ways.  By removing the Counterweights and Shaft, I have removed almost 3 pounds. The images to the left show a Bogen Quick connect for attaching the Optical Tube Assembly (OTA).  The Quik Connects are not needed in the above configuration.  It was replaced by spacers to place the OTA just above the Right Ascension (RA) Housing.  

The clearance is not needed for the Eclipse as the Sun is never located at the Celestial Pole.  However, the spacing permits the Scope to be nicely packed.  The above configuration is not quite in balance around the RA axis.  Additional spacing is not recommended for this reason.  Note that the Battery Pack was moved below the Mount Housing to aid in the Balancing.  Removing the spacing will improve the balancing, but packing it could be clumsey.  Further, the OTA cradle is not a quick connect by it's original design and removing the OTA from the mount would be necessary for packing it.
Separating the OTA from the Mount means potentially smaller Case.  This is important from the standpoint that a small enough Case will fit under the Airline seat instead of relying on an overhead bin space to be available.  Also, if one is on a Commuter or Regional Airline, bins are also smaller as well as scarce. 
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