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Astronomy Home Page Total Solar Eclipse  August 21st, 2017 Baker City, Oregon USA
2017 Total Solar Eclipse (click image for Web Page)
 Web Pages: Solar Eclipses & Transit Excursions & Images 
  2017 Total
Solar Eclipse
Baker City, OR
2012 Venus
Vancouver, WA
2012 Annual Solar Eclipse
Susanville, CA
2009 Total
Solar Eclipse
Asia Pacific
2004 Venus Transit
2001 Total
Solar Eclipse
2000 Partial Eclipse
Astoria, OR
1999 Total
Solar Eclipse
  1998 Total
Solar Eclipse
  1990 Partial Eclipse
Pine Mtn, OR
The next Total Solar Eclipses over Argentina
July 2nd, 2019    December 14th, 2020 
The next Hybrid Solar Eclipse April 20th, 2023
One for the "Bucket List."
What is a
Hybrid Solar Eclipse?
This is a Solar Eclipse that transitions from being an Annular to breifly being a total and back to an Annular.  Click Links below for more information.
Links to the next
Hybrid Solar Eclipse
The next  Annular Solar Eclipse  over the USA 
October 14th, 2023
This Center Line passes near
Crater Lake, Otregon.
See Map below.

The next Total Solar Eclipse  over the USA 
April 8th, 2024
Good luck!
To ensure a clear sky view, Eclipse chasers worldwide are expected to jam up the Southern States.

Lunar Eclipse September 27th, 2015
Lunar Eclipse
Next Lunar Eclipse over the Pacific Northwest
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The New 14.5 inch f/3.5
This new Telesscope is compact enough to travel fully assembled in compact cars. 
The OTA weighs 55 pounds and can be lifted by one person off the Rocker/Base.
The objective was to increase convenience, but to retain a large Aperture.
Telescopes on this site
Observing Season-redefined
After 2 consecutive Summers with un-acceptable smoke from wild fires, I feel tha it is time to redefine the observing season.
April May June July August September October
Spring Galaxies Late Spring & Summer Objects Interrupted do to heat & Smoke Summer & Fall Objects Late night for Winter Objects.
My Book
  This book invites you to stargaze tonight using your binoculars.  It is ideal for the beginner or experienced observer.  It features a  illustrations of easy to follow sky charts and just enough text to inform without over-whelming you.  It features objects that our ideal for binoculars, such as large star clusters.  But this book is also includes objects ideal for  telescopes of all sizes.
Click image to see more...
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