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      This book invites you to stargaze tonight (immediately) using your binoculars.  It is ideal for the beginner or experienced observer.  It is also ideal for  small Telescopes.         
      You will learn the Constellations with attractive graphics and illustrations.        
      This book features large easy to read Maps that guide you to the objects you are looking for.  Many of the objects listed are best seen by binoculars such as large Star Clusters.        
      Information pages accompany each Map page.  There is just enough text to inform and educate without overwhelming the reader.         
      Learn about your Binocular Specifictions.  But you find that in the Appendix Section.  This book encourages to Observe now, learn about your Binoculars later if you choose.        
This book features matching field Maps for night viewing.
      Book contributors include well known authors such as Gary Seronik and Sue French.  Also well known Telescope builder and observer, Mel Bartels.        
Spring Binding Paperback version - Second Edition
Web Price: $24.90 including shipping in the continental U.S.
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  Cloud Break Optics-Seattle, Washington  
  Oregon Observatory-Sunriver, Oregon  
  Postal Place PDX  
  Rose City Astronomers Society-Portland, Oregon  
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The Southern Observer's Handbook  (PDF Book)
by Leo Cavagnaro
The perfect companion for the Southern Sky visitor.  This book contains large, easy to read chart's and detailed descriptions on 176 of the best Southern Sky Objects.  In addition, there are guides on numerous Double Stars.
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